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 ABS background 


01  Since 1988

It was built in 1988, and the first commercial receiver (System Ⅲ) in the Asia-Pacific region was launched in the same year.


02  POS professional manufacturer

International famous point of sale terminal cashier machine (Point of Sale, for short, POS machine) professional manufacturers.


03  34 years of industry experience

One of the world's earliest commercial POS companies involved in research and development, with 34 years of industry experience since 1988.


04   All metal material years of industry experience

All-metal innovation and integrated POS research and development of professional manufacturers.


05  A number of international certification standards

ISO9001:2015 Quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system FCC, ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system, 3C certification, CE and other international quality system certification.


06  Set sail again

ABS focuses on the world and develops a new market strategy to provide the most competitive first-line products for global users.



 A solid foundation for cooperation 


01  continuity

The existing ABS core technical team of ABS can continuously provide services to cash machines and surrounding equipment, so as to realize the overall service effectiveness and sustainability of user A B S related equipment 


02  specialty

The after-sales team of the ABS manufacturer now has many senior professional and technical engineers who can realize the chip-level maintenance of the ABS-POS machine


03  Brand only authorization

Our company is the only authorized partner of Singapore ABS brand, fully responsible for the research, development, production and operation of ABS.



 Controlled after-sales service risks 


01  The spare parts supply guarantee

ABS is designed to ensure the stability and continuity of the existing parts supply system. It can be processed for preparing the production parts of the extended service models.


02  Service cost control and guarantee

Has been adhering to the "professional things by professionals to do" service principle. Professional achievement of efficiency, efficiency and cost saving, and then realize the effective control of service cost



 Strong customization ability 


01 Quick and flexible

Based on the flexibility of ABS all-metal manufacturing process, ABS can provide powerful product customization services to major customers in the industry.


02  Continuous micro innovationShape differentiation

Whether it is structural optimization, or function integration, or other user optimization ideas, we are willing to listen to, ABS can help users to achieve little micro-innovation in retail products, help users to achieve real private customization, so as to achieve store equipment differentiation, achieve value-added capabilities




 Comprehensive capability guarantee 


To sum up, ABS has a strong guarantee and provides different experience and services, providing strong support for partners.

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